PERSONAS: Identities of an Eating Disorder

The media tends to sensationalize eating disorders. Documentaries tend to explore the behavior and symptoms of people with eating disorders and sometimes they explore the recovery process. Personas: Identities of an Eating Disorder takes a different look. The film explores the underbelly of eating disorders – what contributes to the causes, how is the individual affected and what effect does the eating disorder have on the family and relationships. Read More



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We are pleased to have the honor of being granted filmed interviews for Personas by renowned eating disorder specialists, researchers, authors and leaders in our field:

Michael Stroeber, Ph.D. -  Resnick Professor and Director, UCLA Eating Disorders Program; Editor Emeritus, International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Kathryn Zerbe, MD - Director Oregon Psychoanalytic Center, Portland , Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, Portland - Author of 'The Body Betrayed' among many other publications, Lifetime Achievement Award by NEDA

Douglas Bunnell, Ph.D. -  Clinical Psychologist and Vice President of the Renfrew Foundation, Philadelphia PA - Dr. Bunnell serves on the editorial board of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention and is the co-editor ofTreatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research Practice Gap.